RT @WCE25: Really impressed w/ how well coached @billupselite teams have been @WCE25CO . Disciplined on defense & execute multiple sets on …RetweetFavorite
Jack Buckmelter, Student-Athlete of the Week http://t.co/HEFxu07v5r http://t.co/zMlXXJIoGMRetweetFavorite
Congratulations to @JBasseyofficial, Malik Hart, and @ryanquaid for being selected to play in the show. http://t.co/o5iINZaPtyRetweetFavorite
RT @Jaharris___: Elijah Blake....he's a sophomore?!.....uh oh...he's on the rise for sure.RetweetFavorite
Congrats to @shubee2 @_jackbuck and the rest of the Denver East Angels. They are on the way to the Great 8. http://t.co/lqoDTXxZpoRetweetFavorite
RT @bball_co: If you don't know about 2017 g Elijah Blake you better kid is special #COprepsRetweetFavorite
Billups kids in the news, check out Avery Shunneson. http://t.co/8yje4H4dgc http://t.co/lLxgLf8OftRetweetFavorite
Billups Elite would like to wish coach Melvin Hunt the best as he leads the Denver Nuggets for the rest of the season http://t.co/5vldbKHBTARetweetFavorite

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